Latest News and Upcoming Events:
This Weekend FEBRUARY 22 - 26, 2017 we are at Portobello West, part of the BC Home and Garden show taking place at BC PLACE STADIUM. Come check out all of the amazing artisans and home improvements that will be on display!

Great news! Our Mexican Taco Soup is now VEGAN (It no longer contains whey!). Our entire product line is now vegan so If you purchase direct from us at any markets or events the Mexican Taco will be vegan. If you are purchasing from a store other than our store in Fort Langley please make sure to check the back label as any of the Mexican taco soups made prior to December 2016 will still contain whey. We continue to strive to meet as many dietary needs as possible because we want everyone to enjoy our products! Keep your eyes open as we have two new products debuting soon!