Welcome to “HEALTHY EATING MADE EASY”…Simply Delish is going to make your life a lot easier, and healthier:)  My name is Paulette Hawkings and I “LOVE TO COOK”.  It isn’t just the cooking, but the anticipation of family and friends sitting down together and enjoying a good meal and sharing the events of the day.  We all live very busy lives and planning healthy, delicious meals every day can be a daunting  task. 

In the spring of 2010, my husband Keith and I created a line of “Artisan Food Products” that are beautiful to look at, delicious to eat, healthy and…..QUICK!!! In todays busy world, it is too easy to stop at Fast Food restaurants, or purchase quick, ready to eat meals at the grocer.  BUT it is costly, and they are loaded with sodium and preservatives.  SIMPLY DELISH has chosen to spend the extra time, and resources and package healthy beans, lentils, rice, quinoa, dried fruit and nuts, veggies and spices to create delicious soups, salads, pilaffs that are…VEGAN, MSG FREE, and GLUTEN FREE.   5 minute preparation in the morning…in the crockpot…and you return home to the aroma of “dinner is ready”. 

Spices naturally enhance the flavour of your food without adding salt, sugar or fat.  Once you get the hang of incorporating spices in your dishes, they can be the determining factor that turns an everyday meal into a delightful sensory experience.  Spices contain therapeutic chemicals that have been used in traditional medicine or are supported by modern clinical studies.  Unfortunately, we in the western world have tried to cut corners by replacing spices with salt.  In other parts of the world, many diseases are virtually non existant as they use numerous spices in their daily dishes instead of salt.  With the convenience of the internet, you can check the “Health Benefits” of spices.  We at SIMPLY DELISH have incorporated many of these spices in our product line to enhance the flavour of our soup and salad.   

Apart from having them in your pantry for quick assembly, they make beautiful gifts…hostess, bridal/baby showers, camping, RVing, student care packages, teachers gifts, Christmas Stocking stuffer….the list is endless. 

We are a family business that includes our son and his wife.  Then of course the 4 grandsons and beautiful granddaughter that help with the distribution of the money. Visit our On-Line store and have your meals delivered to your door, or check the Farmers Market Page, Special Events page, or the Stores near you.


***Our product line is packaged in a Gluten Free, Government approved commercial kitchen and have CFIA approved labelling.

***There are other soup lines packaged similar to ours in various stores.  To our knowledge, we are the only products packaged like this that are Gluten Free. Please check the labels carefully.   Because we are a ‘Specialty Soup Line’, you will not find Simply Delish in the big box stores, or the dollar stores.  We can be found in specialty stores and local Farm Market Stores, deli’s and gift stores, where our customers go to find specialty foods and gifts:). 

***Check out our “RECIPE PAGE” for more preparation ideas with our soups, salads and pilafs, and information on “SLOW COOKER” preparation.


To provide a means for families to eat healthy, and inexpensively, with minimal preparation time so they still have quality time with their families.